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Nearly doomed by too little CO2

Neanderthals lived in Ice Age Europe until between and years ago, hunting woolly mammoths.

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NOTICIAS DE PREHISTORIA - Prehistoria al Día -: Un nuevo estudio ...

This delightful painting shows the Neanderthals as they were, successful and happy denizens of europe during the ice ages.

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An impression of what a European Neanderthal might have looked like.

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La Quina - a Neanderthal site with thick asymmetric tools

Dibujo-Neandertal-elaborado-estudio-ARCHIVO_LNCIMA20130205_0374_1.jpg 320×261 pixels

Dibujo-Neandertal-elaborado-estudio-ARCHIVO_LNCIMA20130205_0374_1.jpg 320×261 pixels

Fragmentos de um crânio de uma criança com 1,5 milhões de anos, encontrado recentemente na Tanzânia, sugerem que os primeiros hominídeos não eram apenas carnívoros pontuais, mas regulares comedores de carne

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