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Coolest Pix Of 2012 Week 23

A glimpse across the world: A Thai fisherman catches freshwater white tilapia fish at a fish farm in Samut Prakarn province, Thailand, June REUTERS-Sukree Sukplang

A research institute affiliated with the company is planning to raise California yellowtail off the San Diego coast, and environmentalists are wary.

A research institute affiliated with Sea World is planning a large aquaculture farm to produce yellowtail outside of California coastsl waters. The big question is whether this is beneficial to wild stocks and the marine environment.

How Coke and Soda Makers Are Subtly Blaming You For Obesity

How Coke Is Subtly Blaming You For Obesity

Industrialized pork production

A gestation crate is a metal enclosure used in intensive pig farming, in which a female breeding pig (sow) may be kept during pregnancy, and in effect for most of her adult life.

Could be cool as a sort of pop-art-y type- piece!

Tilapia Farming in Lakes, Cages, and Tanks

Fish can obtain their energy and nutrients from natural food in ponds, from feed supplied by the farmers or from a combination of both the sources. Feed is a major expenditure for fish farmers as it accounts for - of the production cost.

Japanese cows develop skin spots, mysterious disease; farmers fear radiation affecting humans, too

BREAKING: BLM committed animal atrocities, shot cows from helicopters, constructed mass graves at Bundy Ranch siege in Nevada.

Tongue diagnosis help to understand the totality of health and disease by observing the tongue size, shape, contour, surface, margins and color.

What your tongue says about your health in Ayurveda - Stay Chic!

Deforestation Before and After | Before and after?: a forest in northern Alberta staked out by tar ...

National Geographic Slams Tar Sands -- Canadian Politicians Pissed


A Guide to Buying Humanely-Produced Meat, Eggs, and Dairy Products