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{This is a part of my Autumn Mantra series. Join me here as I unpack the words and phrases I’m hoping will shape my fall!} Autumn routines tend to be less about glamor and more about grit.

Found on Google from allquotes.info

Found on Google from allquotes.info

cease endlessly striving for what you want to do and learn to do what must be done -goethe from @gracelaced

Learn To Love What Must Be Done Print

Cease endlessly striving for what you would like to do and learn to love what must be done - Goethe. Encouraging words on new prints available in the GraceLaced shoppe. off sale tonight through midnight.

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the sweetest thing in all my life has been the longing to find the place where all the beauty came from -- lewis

Be Happy.

Let me take a Selfie

Kate Spade Illustrative Journal - "With freedoms, books, flowers, and the Moon, who could not be happy?

Leg shave hack

Excuse the language. Seriously the best thing for soft, smooth legs, armpit, whatever you want to use it on! I tried it tonight, and I have never felt my skin so soft!

You have to have a nice balance between being happy with what you have, but yet a little bit of in satisfaction so that I can do more! As I get stronger and better at something, my goals are going to get better.

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"Keep your eyes on your purposeful path. Celebrate progress, not perfection. Cultivate gratitude over comparison.