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How to Highlight Straight Hair at Home

All you need to know about DIY highlighting straight hair at home


makeup tutorials with the best kept secrets of makeup artists

nails - From foundation application, to how to hide acne scars, to how to make your nose look smaller, to how to cover dark circles, this collection of 10 makeup tutorials will teach you the most amazing secrets of makeup artists everywhere!

The appearance of a new, red and swollen pimple on the face during the night might dramatically spoil your good mood in the morning. You can either bear with it or you can try some simple and homemade treatments to eliminate pimples at the earliest.

Ways To Eliminate Pimples Overnight? (Naturally And Fast) Note: Do not leave the paste on your skin for more than minutes as it can result in skin dryness or irritation.

a different kind of sock bun for ladies with shorter hair

Sock bun tutorial in 5 Easy Steps. you just need a sock with the toes cut out. if you do it with damp hair and wear it for a day then sleep in it and take it out the next morning your hair has wonderful curls so you can get 2 styles out of it

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Hot Fashion style Selena Gomez on Voque Magazine

ΡΙΝΤΕRΕSΤ//❀L e P e a n u t❀

Still can't get over this result she had Coloured "BLACK HAIR" and now she's a "smokey ash blonde" in one session? with sooooo much patience…" light ash brown hair.