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Stone Angel acrylic painting 36 x 48 by Eva Lewarne

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Na parede...

Inspiration for Kinder art---Make lines with sharpies then make blobby flowers with finger tips--warm colors on one hand, cool on the other ladies floral art

Paint Basics.  This is a post that's been waiting in the wings of my scattered brain, but it's finally here!  The world of paint is confus...

The interior paint color wheel is a wonderful tool and you can get some ideas from it when selecting the paint colors. The color wheel is one that has the basic colors.

Watercolor Bubbles

Paint Technique: Watercolor Bubbles - Create whimsical art with this technique that involves watercolor, dish soap, and drinking straws. l Love the bubble technique!

the neutrals The neutral colors aren’t passive, even if their name suggests they are. Mixing black and white with a color will affect that color’s value, or how light or dark it is. Gray, a mix of black and white, will affect a color’s saturation, or how dull or vivid it is. Because of the neutrals, we can turn 12 basic hues into thousands of complex colors.

This colour scheme fits the colours that Jack would wear. These neutral colours are very classy and composed, and the fashion back then fits these characteristics.

50+ Easy ways to decorate your walls from @savedbyloves

Intersecting Circles Wall Art is a great one-- Over 50 Easy Wall Art DIY Ideas You Can Make — Saved By Love Creations

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