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Don’t try and fix the past, it’s behind you. Don’t look for the future, it’ll come soon. Seek the present, that’s your gift and you just need to open it.

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dream worth-reading-worth-knowing

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The only difference between a dream that came true and one that didn’t, is a person who wouldn’t give up and one who did.

Invisibility lvl: CAT

Invisibility lvl: CAT

Kitty and the invisible things. (invisible window installation made me laugh)



I want a son first  http://funphotololz.com/funny/i-want-a-son-first/

When I grow up, I want a son first, then a daughter. So my son would beat up any boy that makes my little girl cry.

How to be a good friend. I hope one day I can be know by that till the end...

Funny pictures about Robin Williams Was A True Best Friend. Oh, and cool pics about Robin Williams Was A True Best Friend. Also, Robin Williams Was A True Best Friend photos.

#Truth.  Continue doing what's right and don't mind those people who keeps bringing you down, it only means one thing: YOU are above them!

"The question is NOT why they don't like you when you are being YOU. It is WHY you are wasting your time worrying what they think of you. If you are not hurting anyone with your actions keep moving forward with YOUR life.