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Squeeze a little harder.

The Gentleman's Guide In The Middle Of A Hug, Squeeze A Little Harder. She'll Love It, Promise. So true!

Forehead Kisses are endearing and I love them. Something magical about them. Superman loves to give me forehead kisses. They are the sweetest!

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This goes the same for your man or people in general. The Gentleman's Guide 112 never let a girl sleep mad or sad

Maybe im old fashioned. ..

The problem is many Men do not understand what it is to BE & SHOW a woman respect. Maybe I’m old-fashioned but to respect the woman you love should be a priority.

that's pretty important to understand: did you man cross that line between being mummy's son-boy and being supportive grown-up son-man... this crossing define a man as a gentelman.

"The way a gentleman treats his mother is a pretty good indicator of how he will treat his girl." - The Gentleman's Guide

This is the difference between a BOY and a MAN. [TRK]

A real man stays true to his word and protects his woman forever.

Well, not always, but sometimes! It's really nice to be surprised!

gentleman's guide - when going out, don't ask her what she wants to do. take charge and decide


The Gentleman's Guide - Give Her A Relationship Where You Can Sit Around Doing Nothing But Still Have Fun Cause You're Together


The Gentleman's Guide 113 she will never take you seriously if you flirt with every girl