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Holly Mont Castle | ... door of this residence identifies it as the “Holly Mont Castle

The Strange but Mostly True Story of Laurel Canyon & Birth of the Hippie Generation - Page 2

Marietta Gone With the Wind Museum: Scarlett on the Square: Located on Marietta’s historic town square, just outside of Atlanta, this museum opened in 2003 and features an extensive collection of memorabilia provided by Dr. Chris Sullivan, including the original Bengaline honeymoon gown worn by Vivien Leigh in the movie.

Windies have been traveling the "Gone With the Wind" trail for years, but for regular fans of Margaret Mitchell's masterpiece, a new, official trail of sites in and around Atlanta makes it easy to discover the story's history and legacy.

Beachwood Canyon, walk #34, from the book “Secret Stairs” by Charles Fleming

beachwood canyon/Hollywoodland urban hike with views of Hollywood, Griffith Observatory and downtown LA. Great staircases, too.


los angeles city hall 1910 photos | Westland.net has a detailed history site about Venice-- start here to ...

City Hall in Venice, California in the Click the photo to see what it looks like now (slide the Green Fade Bar).

Vinecrest Development, Hollywood, Los Angeles, CA, 1926 :: "Dick" Whittington Photography Collection, 1924-1987

Vinecrest Development, Hollywood, Los Angeles, CA, 1926 ::

Historical home from Inman Park ... an intown neighborhood not far from downtown Atlanta, GA.

Historical home from Inman Park . an intown neighborhood not far from downtown Atlanta, GA.

My Happy Place

My Happy Place

The Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. had a dream that was instrumental in obtaining equal civil rights for all residents of the United States, regardless of skin color. To learn more about this historic figure in American history, a visit to the Martin Luther King Jr. Historic Site is essentialPreview our children's history DVD click on pin

march 2013 - king center for nonviolent social change, atlanta, ga (sweet auburn and martin luther king jr.



"The house was located in Beachwood Canyon, a veined scramble of roads pumping out of old Hollywood and reaching far up into the hills below the iconic sign. Most of the streets twisted into the many crevices, narrowing as the elevation grew until they were just thin slits barely enough for one car to pass. There were no three-point turns in Beachwood Canyon."

beachwood canyon california where I am going to hang out =]

Santa Claus, Indiana.... next best thing to the North Pole :)

Mail Christmas Cards from Santa Claus, Indiana

Warner Pacific Theater audiorium

Warner Pacific Theater audiorium