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That description. It truly says it all

The most accurate description I've heard of Benedict Cumberbatch's voice: like a jaguar hiding in a cello.

I give a similar glare to people who interrupt me in my mind palace..

Sometimes, he really does look more alien than man.<---the eyes have it. His right is more blue and the left is green.

"... and honey, you should see me in a crown."

'Sherlock' star: My Moriarty is original

'Sherlock' Moriarty actor Andrew Scott rules out return - digital spy article

I still can't believe he actually said that fantastic line. It made me laugh like none other.

No one can fake it.

Kindly ask him to wait, close the door, go find a pillow scream into it like a crazy fangirl and then open the door, ready to assist him on a case.

I would hug him in his big black coat, ruffle his hair, and scream "I accept!" But then he'd probably change his mind.