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Freezing cold, outside the hotel, corner of the sidewalk, you pushed my hair back, warm hands on my face, pulled me to you...Not the first kiss, but the first kiss that I knew...without a doubt.

Freezing cold outside, you pushed me against the wall, hands on waist, and kissed me :).Not the first kiss, but the first kiss that I knew without a doubt.

When you kiss and it feels like...finally.

I feel, whenever that first kiss comes one day, it will be very very emotional.and, I might smile and cry while kissing you.

Forgetting what it was like.

And smiles turn into laughs & laughs into kisses & before you know it these days turn into weeks & weeks into months & you'll find yourself forgetting what is waa like before they were in your life!

Yeah that's sums me up pretty much. *sigh

who even came up with the term "falling in love" anyway? why not "blowing up in love?" Why is it falling? Falling suggests you can stand back up.

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That was her gift, she filled you with the words you didn't know were there - Atticus - Give me that verbalization, an intense articulation that defines and outlines all the sensations that have you so shook.

I want all that romantic stuff, the neck kisses and hickies, the good morning / night texts, holding ur hand,watching movies all day cuddled in your arms, I wanna wear ur hoodies with ur body spray on it, I want forhead kisses while u grasp my face, I wanna keep u warm when ur cold, make you happy when your sad, I wanna take long walks to nowhere, playfighting that leads to makeingout , I want to be able to joke around but be serious and tell you everything, i want to show off to the world.

No hickies tho.ooohhh alright no hickies anywhere visible.I am forever starving for your touch, taste and smell.my passion for you is all consuming. I accept that.