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Many knitters in the city of Toronto are well familiar with Queen Street, since it is home to a number of favourite yarn shops! Throughout the year it’s always practical to have a pair of fingerless mitts tucked away in a pocket or purse when you’re bustling around the city. Why not knit a pair that really stands out in the crowd? These cables and bobbles are a pleasure to work and even more enjoyable to wear.

Queen St. Mitts pattern by Glenna C

Mitts by c C: knitted in Tanis Fiber Arts in Purple Label Cashmere Sock in Lemongrass gorgeous-knits

Crème de Noyaux Mitts PDF knitting pattern by FingertipsPatterns, $4.00

Crème de Noyaux Mitts by Dagmar Mora. We have plenty of the new NBK Fingering.


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митенки спицами для начинающих - Поиск в Google

митенки спицами для начинающих - Поиск в Google

Dödergök: Det här med tvåändsstickning

Dödergök--Tvåändsstickning - Twined Knitting - the red pattern would be pretty in silver against snow white yarn.or snow-white against winter grey.