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Provocative by Luda

Provocative by Luda

Heroin: The most addictive drug ever. For bestdrugrehabilitation.com #infographic #drugs

DrugAddiction- Heroin is known as one of the most addictive drugs ever. Physically (If the person does not die of overdose) Emotionally & Financially devestating to the addict themselves, those who love them and the communities they live in.

Provocative by Luda

Provocative by Luda

Cycle of Addiction Infographic addictive behaviors arise from unbalanced convoluted thinking and self loathing. Regardless of the genre of addiction-drugs, alcohol, sex, shopping etc. the source is always an unhealthy self deluded thinking style. Use this Infographic to begin to interrupt the short circuitry of your current genre and start getting healthy thinking pumped up in your mind/heart. Then you'll have a lasting motivation for healthy change.

Cycle of Addiction -- When it comes to addiction and relapse, there’s more to it than meets the eye. Lack of willpower is not the problem. Many things trigger a person to relapse. Addiction is a symptom.

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Nursing Your Sweet Tooth. It's says that sugar is as addictive as cocaine. It's addictive but I didn't figure it was that bad.

Great idea for a home office that houses a lot of books. Create a visual "library" that is decorative too. Glamorous interior design, decoration ideas, home design ideas | More at www.plumesilk.com

more addictive than a particularly dramatic hour

Future Home/Office Inspiration: The Mini Library Office from New Apartment Therapy Book The Big Book of Small, Cool Spaces

Pinterest is fresh, relevant and entirely different from any social network we’ve encountered thus far. If you’re still getting used to the network like many of us, take a few minutes to review our tips and tricks for Pinterest.

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