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“ Dick Grayson as Batman Appreciation Post (Drawn by Marcus To) ”

bruce and dick 2 by auroranoyume.deviantart.com on @DeviantArt

Batman helping Dick get ready for school at Gotham academy. (Seems a little too sweet for Bruce and Dick)

I want them to be best buds and then you have Tim and Damian as a contrast and Tim's just like "oh yeah we totally have the same relation as you do loving brothers haha" while Damian is biting his arm or some shit absolute gold

#nightwing #redhood #redrobin

L: My boys from Batfam. Kinda trying to warm up to him by getting into supersons but I still can't take too much of him)

Batman & Robin (Batman... I think that poor boy has been standing there for far too long. He's frozen in that pose.)

Batman & Robin Damian is like: unhand me Grayson or I will personally hurt you. And Grayson is all like: But but, Damian, I love you!