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Post Secrets book by Frank Warren People anonymously send in their deepest secrets to share with the world.

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In a society that has destroyed all adventure, the only adventure left is to destroy that society.

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Well, I'm on my way to the life I always wanted. and if I can get to this point after everything I've been through, anyone can.


"I found this in my pocket. I didn't jump." I don't know Portuguese, but I know enough Spanish to recognize the feeling of the message. And that the last line is essentially "Don't despair/worry, beautiful.

Thank you PostSecret for once again reminding me that I am not alone in the world!  I literally had a conversation about this very thing with my husband this morning! WOW!

This sort of describes things for me sometimes. Way to go Post Secret.

Not that they think it is ok, but it seems more like they don't fully think about how you will be affected...

Being Hurt, Being Strong, Hurt. Sometimes it sucks being strong. Because when people know that you are strong, they think that it is okay to hurt you, over and over again. > Life Quotes with Pictures.

I'm so thankful for you guys

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I love my best friends! It is always so reassuring to know that I have mt friends there for me when I need them. You don't even need a boyfriend there for you when you have your friends. Plus I have the greatest guy friend in the world.