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Someone from Northfield, Ohio, US posted a whisper, which reads "Watching your pets grow old is probably one the hardest thing "

Ain’t that the truth !!

Cats Rule! - 11th January 2016

Every dog has it's day. The rest of the year belongs to the cat.

SnootBoopin! - Album on Imgur

The only version of Uptown Funk I want to hear. Puptown Funk This is really cute if you know the Song Uptown Funk!

Pug Shaming

Pug Shaming

Do You Know Your Dog Misses You When You’re Gone.:

Dogs Missing Their Owners. I Want To Hug My Dog Right Now!

I've been away from my dog going on 5 months now and it kills me. Seeing him in a month, and hopefully moving him out here later this year. Do You Know Your Dog Misses You When You’re Gone.

Only on my cheat days!  lol

Pizza Humor: I'm Into Fitness funny memes dog fitness meme lol pizza funny quotes humor funny animals

I might have cried a little

Every dog deserves to love every day like this. I am bawling.~~ this is kinda what we did when my dog got a tumor which is why I'm crying really really hard: Dogs, Sweet, Pet, Dog S Final, Eye

This will always be true!

The one absolutely unselfish friend a man can have. So true. I love my dogs❤️