Explore Boiled Peanuts, Pistachio Shells and more!

Great idea!  Especially for eating things like nuts or cherries, hide the shells / pips underneath

Double dish-- drop the pistachio shells, olive pits, edamame shells, cherry pits into the lower bowl.

Bubble Wrap Calendar soo doing this for deployment.  But will I be able to control myself only popping one a day hmm... Haha

25 Creative Ideas For Deployment Countdowns

Bubble Wrap Calendar, awesome, but I couldn't pop the bubbles one day at a time.

WANT!!! Bondi Flexible Holder - SkyMall

Super flexible Bondi holds your cell phone, iPod, keys, note pad. I want!

Keep your headphones nearby when you take them out - I need to get these for my daughter!!!

Props - Drop The Beat, Not Your Buds Keep up the tunes with Props! This simple and useful headphone keeper is designed to keep your earbuds tethered to you, making them easily accessible when you want to return to your musical oasis.

SHUT UP!!!! iPhone case that prints your picture out like a polaroid camera- gotta have this!!!”

The Sophie is another concept from the venerable Mac Funamizu. The iPhone dock/case prints photos just like a Polaroid. A QR code and geo tagged map

this candle is awesome.

Creative Candles - Christop Van Bommel: A single flame lights additional ones. Coolest candle EVER!

How neat!   Stirr - Stirs the pot, prevents burning, while you do other things! I want this!

This is the best kitchen tool I ever had Stirr--It walks around the pot, blending ingredients and keeping them from sticking to the bottom while you are doing other things.

Geniales utensilios de cocina de diseño muy original

This stainless steel finger guard is a must have tool for any kitchen. Protect your fingers while chopping up your favorite vegetables.


Party Lake Raft This would be awesome I'm so ready to float the river with this!

i want this so bad

Asking for this for Christmas! (would be a great stocking stuffer!) camera that prints real photos like a polaroid!