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Design This Castle by Thumbspire Inc.

Design This Castle on the App Store

Toca Nature by Toca Boca AB

TOCA NATURE - Nature is magic. Toca Nature delivers that magic to your fingertips.

Hot Hands! by Warner Bros.

by Warner Bros.

Panda Pop by SGN

Fun Break: Strategically Pop Bubbles and Save Cute Baby Pandas in the FREE Panda Pop Game.

Kid-Tested, Parent-Approved App Guide for Kids

Kid-Tested, Parent-Approved App Guide for Kids

With hundreds of thousands of apps for kids on the App Store, how can you distinguish the good from the bad? Here’s a list of kid-tested, parent-approved apps for your new devices.

Sometimes, 'Disney families' can't be in a Disney park - especially if we live almost a thousand miles away from the nearest one. So of course we fill our home with Disney-fied activities... and in 2014, most suburban US homes (and homes around the globe) are also filled with some amount of technology time, yes? Let's be honest. Even those of us that have lofty goals about screen time have stuck the phone in our kiddos' faces to entertain them before, right? Maybe even at the pediatrician's…

Mobile Apps for the Disney Fan

We've rounded up some of the best Mobile Apps for the Disney family on iOS, Windows, Kindle, and Android devices.

H is for Homeschooling: 30 Free Apps for Babies (with reviews)  -just got my iPhone and I highly doubt I will ever let a baby or toddler play with it... but maybe if I was desperate, in the car, and had an indesctructible case.....;)

Öpp fyrir litlu börnin - H is for Homeschooling: 30 Free Apps for Babies

Rage Against the Minivan: best iphone and ipad apps for preschoolers

Despite the fact that I’ve taken a Rage Against the Homework philosophy for young children, I do really believe in providing a variety of .