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Fill a tub with balloons full of washable paint, DOING THIS

Water Balloon Fight on the beach or in the yard. water balloons filled with paint. Would be fun if you wore white or threw it on a canvas!

Bucket list

Bucket List: Stay in Cinderella's Castle Suite at Walt Disney World. good idea for my honeymoon ;

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Bucket List: Visit Auschwitz or a different concentration camp. See history with my own eyes.

10. Have someone write and sing a song about me.

is it weird that i would absolutely hate for a guy to write and sing a song about me? because i can't imagine how that could be a good thing i'm sorry -_-

It will happen

I dyed my hair purple. Then I did pink, then I did purple AND pink. I think I'm going to do blue next 🤔

cody simpson? one direction? josh hutcherson? maybe all? the options are endless

Austin mahone, Alexander Ludwig, Taylor Lautner, Josh Hutcherson, Channing tatum or hunter Hayes and Luke Bryan!

Laughing so hard bc I hate Taylor and I would hate to meet her but if I could ask her I would

And tell her she should sing a song that says she's the I LOVE TAYLOR

i think i would die if i met him. or just cry....alot.

this would have to be the last thing on my bucket list because after I meet Luke Bryan, I might die!

In a decade or so I would love all of this

"you be the anchor that keeps my feet on the ground + i'll be the wings that keep your heart in the clouds." To dream.