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I Intend to Get Better at Both. Art Journaling by Teesha Moore

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teesha's circus ~ teesha moore just rocks. I doubt anyone could duplicate her style!


Teesha Moore: journal pages done in england

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Teesha Moore journal pages

Teesha's Circus| Moleskine journal.

teesha's circus: Journal pages

My core energy. My Gramma used to call me "a kangaroo," because I was always in motioin, always jumping and running (and falling & scraping my knee).  Her tone was more admiration than admonishment or scolding.  I could feel her love and support and joy for my being.  Even at 3 and 4.  She "raised me up" to know I am loved. She gifted me with a great many things.  And, might be the dearest being to my heart.

Journal page by Teesha Moore

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teesha's circus: journal page time again

journal pages done in england | teesha's circus

teesha's circus: journal pages done in england - love the pink and light orange/yellow

Wondering about art journaling?  Can't figure out how to do it "right"?  Take a look at all the different ways and ideas of doing things and be inspired to find your OWN way.  There IS no right or wrong, there's just the is of expressing yourself. :-)

teesha's circus: Journal pages

Teesha Moore!  One of my fav journal artists.

One of my fav journal artists.

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teesha's circus my fav

teesha's circus: journal pages again

teesha's circus: journal pages again

by Teesha Moore

I love Teesha Moore's artwork.

teesha's circus: Artfest Annex Open House

First of all, I wanted to invite anyone from the greater seattle area to Pioneer Square next Sunday, Sept.

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