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February 22, 2013 CNY

February 22, 2013 CNY

Groups Acronym Poster! Great way for students to know the expectations of the teacher!- Meredith Kjelland

Teaching With a Mountain View

GROUPS Acronym Poster for Classroom Management. The "Original" GROUPS Poster! I might implement this classroom management idea!

Winter bulletin board idea from www.bulletinboardideas.org

Cute winter craft idea - Hot cocoa mugs. Maybe we will make hot cocoa as part of activity?

I would like to use dot stickers and show a pre and post test difference. GREAT IDEA! I have my students doing this in an excel document as a whole group. They are able to track their progress as their colors change from red to green in many cases after a few tests.

My Teacher Friend: Math Benchmark Tracking. Students chart their own math benchmark test data with post-its. This took most graders in the class 20 minutes! Data you can USE to drive your instruction!modifying this for high school

monster shape glyph pre-k-glyphs

Shape Monster Glyph Favorite Shape = Body Favorite Color = Color of my Monster Triangle/Rectangle Body = 1 Eye Square/Circle Body = 3 Eyes Rectangle Mouth = I am a boy Semi Circle Mouth = I am a girl Hair Pieces = How many letters in your name

Puzzle template: Transfer this puzzle to a large poster, write a message on the back and cut out each piece in advance of this icebreaker activity.  Instruct students to write their name, write one goal and color the piece as you hand them out. Idea from scholastic.com; Ellaine Barthelemy, a teacher in Apple Valley, Minnesota, is quoted "...share... then reassemble the puzzle to symbolize the importance of each individual's contribution to the class.

Blank Jigsaw Puzzle Template and DIY puzzle piece instructions and TONS of other free templates!