Discovery Bottles Recording Sheet

I had the amazing opportunity to work with 2 other fantastic Kindergarten teachers over the summer to re-write my district's Science, Social.


Your students will love making observations and asking questions about fun discovery bottles! Allow them to record their observations and draw realistic pictures on this recording page.

Yes, I/we are jumping on the Pinterest bandwagon and creating a collection of discovery bottles for the Library. We will set up a small table by our Children's Desk and have a few bottles out to pl...

New for Fall : Discovery Bottles!!

illustration pointers - include in september lesson plans!

Anchor chart idea for adding detail to students work. A Place Called Kindergarten: writing workshop drawing books

Three States of Matter Foldable (with stickers)

Cycle 1 Foldable States of Matter: We should already know this, but it makes density make more sense. Physical Science Topic: Matter and Forms of Energy Content: Matter exists in different states each of which has different properties.

Discovery bottles

Kid made discovery bottles by Teach Preschool. Make the bottles themed by colors, numbers, or letter sounds.

Science Fun for Kids - lots of fun hands on science experiments for kids to explore the world

Science Fun for Kids - lots of fun hands on science experiments for kids to explore the world around them. Great for preschool, kindergarten and homeschool elementary kids.

E is for Explore!: Discovery Bottles

Discovery and exploration in a bottle, set up your own science lab! Jean and Preschool Play constructed the bottles featured above.

Nature Discovery Bottles by Teach Preschool:

Discovery Bottles (K - O

Sensory: Nature Discovery Bottles by Teach Preschool. Amazing website full of discovery bottle ideas!

Next week, I will be sharing a series on discovery bottles as my part of the Kid Blogging Network series titled "The ABC's of...".  This series will run all throughout the week of January 7th through January 11th and there are tons of bloggers who will be sharing all kinds of posts from

Snowman in a bottle

ABC's of Discovery Bottles by Teach Preschool - tons of discovery bottle ideas, some for each letter of the alphabet!