En Tee-shirt ( Mais  pas en costard ) Voilà ce que j'appelle ''un regard habité" "il y a quelqu'un à l'intérieur" Cela se voit !

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Hey boy, there needs to be no death involved for us to date.

Ryan Gosling Seriously nothing at all needs to be said here… look at that picture… Enough said. The word sexy was invented for Ryan Gosling.

Hey girl: Ryan Gosling I need to print this out for my dorm room desk <3 <3 <3 <3

The Most Captivating Celebrity Eyes (Men)

Celebrity Imagines — Imagine: Ryan’s mom showing you old videos of Ryan...

manicprimadonna: itsalwayssunnyaftertherain: life—as—wee—know—it: whispertranquility: Ryan Gosling, 12 years old. Still a sexy motherfucker I quit

Cannes Film Review: ‘Only God Forgives’

Review: ‘Only God Forgives’

Only God Forgives (Red Band Trailer) Ryan. - Only God Forgives (Red Band Trailer) Ryan Gosling and the director of DRIVE, Nicolas Winding Refn, are back with this visionary Bangkok-set thriller. Julian (Gosling) is a drug kingpin tasked with.

Beautiful man

Beautiful man

That face. | 23 Pictures Of Ryan Gosling Looking Pretty In Cannes.... <3 <3 I really like Ryan Gosling, as he seems to be quite the REAL man..love it <3 <3

Director Ryan Gosling attends the “Lost River” photocall during the Annual Cannes Film Festival on May 2014 in Cannes, France.