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I love listening to music. I always play some type of music while cleaning the house, driving in the car (talk radio….no way!), working on the computer, working out, etc. I don’t love using earphones because I’d rather blast it so everyone can hear……but...

Make an EARPHONE HOLDER (…from a mint container) (Make It and Love It)

Recorder Rumble game and other activities to help students assess recorder and music reading skills.

Recorder Rumble game and other activities to help students assess recorder and music reading skills. For Recorder Centers

How to download music from youtube: this works. There was a live performance of a particular song I really wanted. It was better than the studio mp3. So I found the performance on youtube and followed these tips, using mediaconverter.org and converted it to an mp3. It worked.

Legally Free Music

how to get free music--legally.Wow am I proud of myself, all tech savvy and such

Music made visible, by Matt Booth. He uses song data to create visual representations of the music. I love the ideas of reinterpreting sounds as visual art, and of using data to determine color and composition.

Project diary: music made visible - Matt H. Booth uses code to visualize music from Elton John's Bennie & The Jets resulting in some beautiful illustrations.

This is SOOOO ACCURATE. I said that. I'm like they r idiots. My idiots. This is what I miss and fell in love with.

I watch it whenever I'm sad cause I end up on the floor laughing so hard I'm crying

Super cute.. I'd use pictures printed on computer paper then distress/age the paper -jlh

Perfect for couples having a musical or vintage themed wedding Music sheet wrapped candle jars- Instead of a heart cut out, we could do daisies

Music is Everything! - Bulletin Board idea.  Acrostic... ( Have kids make these with the word S T Y L E... and then when they intersect the original letter with specific GENRES... have them try to create a font that suits that particular style of music. )  Ex. COUNTRY.... those letters would be done in a rope like font or made to look like hay and coloured//shaded in the appropriate colour.

Music most certainly has a cross-curricular perspective. Music really is everywhere! Music can have so many positive impacts in your life.