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Rachel Summers by Summerset.deviantart.com on @deviantART #xmen #excalibur #marvel

fanart for my friends at Houndmarks/RachelX Rachel Summers © Marvel Comics Rachel Summers

Phoenix - Rachel Summers #xmen #excalibur #marvel

Rachel Anne Summers is the mutant daughter of Scott Summers and Phoenix (Jean Grey-Summers). She is also the "half" sister of Cable, a niece of Havok and Vulcan, and a powerful mutant in her own right.

The Comic Book Hero: Rachel Grey's Phoenix/Marvel Girl costume history

Rachel Grey (actually called Rachel Summers) was the daughter of the X-Men Cyclops (Scott Summers) and Phoenix (Jean Grey) from an al.

Rachel Summers - Phoenix  Did you know that in the era from which she comes from, Rachel Summers’s face was branded a grotesque, irremovable pattern of tattoos to mark her as a Hound?

The Girl with the Facial Tattoos Did You Know: Rachel has Facial tattoos she acquired in her own timeline when she was used as a mutant hound… She tends to use her power to hide them but from time to.