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Afghan Hound. Beautiful

Pictures: Tim Flach's 'Dogs' book

Tim Flach Posted on by Jaime in For Humans. Tim Flach takes portraits of animals, many of which are dogs. His expressive portraits are much like human portraits rather than snaps of dogs in their natural habitats.

afghan hound

Tim Flach is a well-known London based photographer. Absolutely Amazing Dog Photos from Tim Flach

afghan hound | Afghan hound- MY DOG.

Afghan Hounds stand up like this to see better ~ sometimes causing Yeti sitings. So funny!

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~ This is how my heart feels when i'm thinking of you ♥ this is me when i finally get to see you again my sweet Hayley ♥

Movement, expression, flow and texture all captured beautifully making for a dynamic composition. Afghan Hound by Phillipa Alexander

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(17+) Oldest Dog Breed in The World (EXOTIC INSIDE)

I shoe dogs at dog shows (the ones you see on T.V) and thus is the breed I show Afgan hound