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yup, this is accurate.   Read More Funny:    http://wdb.es/?utm_campaign=wdb.esutm_medium=pinterestutm_source=pinterst-descriptionutm_content=utm_term=

Omg had that exact thought yesterday.I was thinking I should wait to brush Ellie's teeth cuz that kid sure as hell wasn't done snacking for the evening


Know how to play Minesweeper, that is. I win almost every game.

Well yeah never know what you might need! girlcode

MTV Canada on

Purses are pretty bags that let us be portable hoarders, Girl Code


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Everyone has said one of these quotes before!

Everyone has said one of these quotes before!

Play with Sparklers - Done. Are there really people who have never played with sparklers?

Play with Sparklers ✔️ 07 Nov At home with Keith while watching the Wellington Sky Show from out front lawn

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Pretty sure this represents all my students as their research paper is due tomorrow....

Paper due in 2 hours. I have no idea what Im doing.~haha, so me for grad school Too accurate. College humor is always the best. Probably because we need to laugh at our pain and suffering so bad.

Sometimes it's just exactly the right thing for the moment   :-)

Always keep a bottle of champagne in the fridge for special occasions. Sometimes the special occasion is that you've got a bottle of champagne in the fridge.