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Poop Shaped Pastry. But why?

pastry of fake poop with fake worms in it.

Dump A Day Funny Pictures Of The Day - 75 Pics

in the way guy- Dump a day funny pictures. Don't know why this is so hilarious haha

HOLY HELL!!!! THIS IS AWESOME  homemade bacon candle  Shut the front door!  OMG DOING THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Bacon Candle. - Imgur

Bacon Candle.

Haha this would be funny as a gift - DIY Bacon Candle - have the smell of bacon any time. (Instead of drilling a hole for a wick, tape a wick in the center of the jar before pouring the bacon grease in.

Why oh why would you want people to see your teeth? That's the mother in me talking. Maybe I would have thought it was cool many years ago...but I doubt it! ...(just remember to brush your teeth so you won't turn people off...ha.) ...Carol

I’m reasonably open-minded when it comes to piercings, but even I’ll admit my stomach turned slightly upon seeing this. This spectacular ‘lip window’ body modification is .

Autocorrect/parent texting fail! Lol

21 Accidentally Dirty Autocorrects From Well-Intentioned People - Autocorrect Fails and Funny Text Messages - SmartphOWNED

LMFAO some people will understand why I posted this more than others lol

My husband and I can't stop laughing. So funny Mr. Potato Head, so funny.

Así nacen las papitas...

maybe if I looked at french fries this way , I wouldn't crave them so much.