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On The Run Tour: Seattle #jayz #beyonce

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"Behind the scenes photos of Twin Peaks by Richard Beymer"  these are treasure!

Behind the scenes photos of Twin Peaks by Richard Beymer (Benjamin Horne in Twin Peaks)

All that lovin'

'Elevator kiss': Kim Kardashian and Kanye West shared a romantic smooch while riding an elevator in NYC in this romantic selfie posted on Monday.

Kanye West. Music. Idol. Icon. Rap. Star. Fashion. APC. Clothing. Men. Street Style. Details. Simple. Leather. Materials. Black White. Layers. Sunglasses. Active. Attitude. KING.

People cant seem to get enough black leather lately (thanks no small part to Mister West), but if you want to a subtle standout from Perfecto-clad hordes, hold it down.