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Pi: clear pie plate etched with large pi symbol and small digits of pi

How to get an Apple Student Discount

How To Get An Apple Student Discount

OMG! The whole world should operate this way! Think of how much more awesome the Empire State building would be! :O

Faster than an elevator…

Funny pictures about Faster than an elevator. Oh, and cool pics about Faster than an elevator. Also, Faster than an elevator.

Happy Accidents <<<< The bruise I got from playing paintball looks like the Millennium Falcon :D

Most clever hiding, unpredictable compartments

10 Most Clever Safes You Can Actually Buy - safe, diversion safe, hide money, money, keep money, valuable

Hidden Outlet Wall Safe Use this clever gadget to store your most valuable items where only you will find them, behind an electrical outlet.

Pizza Pi Cutter

Día de Pi: celébralo comiendo pizza

Lightsaber Popsicle Molds! For Real This Time.

Star Wars fans, you'll soon be able to swing sweet lightsaber popsicles into your mouth, thanks to the Lightsaber Ice Pop Maker from ThinkGeek.