Ballerina Birthday Party

A Ballerina Themed Birthday Party is how sissy ballerinas celebrate their birthdays. All the attendees are required to dress in pink tights, black longsleeved leotard and pink ballet slippers.

Elegante diseño para centros de mesa y con poco dinero q mejor aún.

Brudslöja are what the little white flowers are called and i just find them so pretty. Small little table center pieces wit these and then one bigger one for the main table. With lilac roses. And little flower sticks with table number :)

Cumpleaños decoración del partido Shabby Chic Banner por JeanKnee

Birthday Party Decoration Shabby Chic Banner for Birthday Party or Birthday Ornament Mother's Day

Baby shower de color rosa y plateado, una mezcla clásica y vintage. #DecoracionBabyShowet

It'S A Girl/ Pink and silver Baby Shower Party Ideas