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xD No, Leo, don´t worry

Leo Valdez in the first chapter of The Lost Hero. Then I understood that I fell in love with Valdez.

Five hundred chocolate puppies!!

toastchild: “I’m Leo Valdez, Bad Boy Supreme. ”<<super sized mcshizzle<<< "Baby I invented scrawny!"<<< (they forgot the kiss mark)

The reason I posted it was when Leo said "You could sing and I could, like, randomly burst into flames." I love Leo so much!

I love Leo and Calypso.<<<i dont care what uncle rick said. He needs to write a spinoff series of leo and calypso because i need to see percys reacion to seeing her again

True. The first is an horrible monster who is born from an horrible artist (but, hell, it's so horrible that is it okay to call him an "artist"?) #VIRIAISALWAYBETTERTHANTHE F*CKINGOFFICIALARTIST

Couldn't be more true----- we should let the fans take over the fanart for the series. Uncle Rick should hire Viria and what was that other one Burdge? Uncle Rick think about it ;

A tad late, yet still appreciated...

I'm on team Leo! (An Percy) ((even tho I ship Caleo)) (((and Percabeth)))

Leo & Esperanza Valdez

viria: “ What on earth made me think drawing Leo with his mom was a good idea? Now I will just go sob in a corner because LEO FEELS Either me and my friend Sonya were stroke with Leo-Esperanza feels.

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