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I would argue your iPhone is much like your TV set, you can use it for good or evil. Sure, Angry Birds will keep your child entertained, one could even stretch it and say “they are learning about geometry.” Still, there are much better educational apps out there for your iPhone or iPad that will actually make learning FUN.

Must-Have Educational Apps

{Top 10 Spelling Apps} Two of our recommended Must-Have Educational Apps are on this awesome Reading Rockets article "Top 10 Spelling Apps.

Set iPad so student can only access certain apps during centers! Easy to do!

Child-proof an app on the iPad/iPhone

Child-Proof your apps guided access, works on the iPad and iPhone to restrict access to the app your child is supposed to be using. I've found this great for preventing game play during homework time.

Evernote is an incredibly useful app. Here are some cool ways to use it.

6 Creative Ways to Use Evernote

6 creative ways to use Evernote: Evernote lets you create a backup brain--a catalogue of all your random thoughts, notes and interests. It's a great app to help you simplify your life!

Hidden features in iOS 7 — some neat stuff I would have never seen otherwise!

The best hidden features in iOS 7

Hidden features in iOS 7 — some neat stuff I would have never seen otherwise! A bubble level!

Tech Tip Tuesday: Photos for Class (Creative Commons photos with attributions included)

Photos for Class Want a new, easy place to find Creative Commons photos for your students? Photos for Class is a new service designed to.

How to Create a Prezi Lesson in Less Than 15 Minutes: | Secondary Solutions

I'm a litle embarrassed that this is my first time seeing a "Prezi" and I'm a little crazy excited to try this new tool for whatever I end up teaching next year! How to Create a Prezi Lesson in Less Than 15 Minutes

Hello, My name is Nicole and I am the author of the blog, Today, in Second Grade. I am a passionate second and third grade teacher, and love every minute spent in my classroom! I am excited to be guest blogging here, at Minds in Bloom, and am also quite honestly, honored!  This year, I made a promise to myself to integrate MORE technology in

Integrating Technology in the Classroom with ScreenChomp

Integrating Technology in the Classroom with Screen Chomp - You can record voice and writing directions on an interactive whiteboard. This is similar to EduCreations.

PLICKERS - Do you have at least one device (iPad, iPod) in your classroom, even if it's your own? Then you have a way to get automatic feedback from each of your students in a fun way that keeps all of your students accountable (no more straining your eyes to see every single individual whiteboard!).:

FlapJack Educational Resources: Plickers - Automatic Student Feedback With Only 1 Device - My Bright Idea

Technology in the classroom doesn't have to be difficult.  Check out these simple ways to integrate technology in your classroom. (number 3 is newer to me, but my fav)

3 Meaningful Ways to Use Technology in the Classroom!

Read about 3 Meaningful Ways to use Technology in the Classroom! Making meaningful connections between education and technology. We live in the age of technology, therefor students have to know how to use it!

Classroom Freebies: Change the Reading Level of the Search Results on Google!

Change the Reading Level of the Search Results on Google!

classroomcollective: “ do you want to find informational websites to use with your class that have a bit more “child-friendly” vocabulary? use this neat trick to change the reading level of your.