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I do both! Wow they like everything i am. Like my dimples,freckles,gigling,blushing,singing. Etc.

well if you find a pic of me my face shows a natural red pink blush in my cheeks i don't wear make up so

LOL basically me whenever someone who is not a fangirl that I am friends with says one of the MAGCon boys is hot

He is so cuteeeee

Cam❤️❤️❤️❤️this is me when someone says cameron dallas

Cameron Dallas

Cameron Dallas

[[cameron dallas]] "hey, im cameron dallas. im 18 and single. I have a little girl. She's my one love.

Throwback pic of Mom, Sierra, and Cameron Dallas

And he is still soooooo CUTE😍😍 His mom and sister look sooo much alike in this pic