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Karamatsu & Ichimatsu<<I don't know these characters, but they look pretty cool and I like their personalities, so I'm using them for one of my stories

17103424_597891163669587_1564850209324555384_n.jpg (480×480)

Osomatsu-san - "/cm/ - Cute/Male" is imageboard for posting pictures of cute anime males.


Osomatsu-san- Osomatsu, Choromatsu, Ichimatsu, Jyushimatsu,Todomatsu and then there's Karamatsu

i love totty but in the anime his hat looks like a coconut literally

Osomatsu-san- Osomatsu, Jyushimatsu, and Todomatsu #Anime「♡」F6

Osomatsu-san- Osomatsu, Jyushimatsu, and Todomatsu

Básicamente el pringao no es el que estudia a última hora, es el que no estudia (no aplicable al anime)

Read yurio fotos from the story 💙❄💍YURI ON ICE💍❄💙 by MagdaDennisBiersack (Magda Dennis Biersack) with 802 reads.

that fucking clever bastard. i can't hate him dammit. ~LoL I ship L x L(ight/2)

that fucking clever bastard. i can't hate him dammit. And I'm totally not taking after him after buying a death note myself.

#wattpad #de-todo Ya he dicho muchas veces que Adoro el Anime, y claramente tambien Adoro lo kawaii. Pues Nada, que aquí hay imagenes kawaiis, de anime... porque me Gustan y como me he encantan quiero compartirlas con vosotros. El anime es perfecto. #AdoroElAnime

Las imagenes mas kawaiis sobre el anime - BOMBA DE IMAGENES Maraton

Romance shipping fangirling next Generation n MAYBE some lemons this … Fanfiction

Resultado de imagen para uniform girl anime http://game-topic.ru/browser_online_game.html

Her name is Marigold Hana, she'll be her the Mosaic Princess of Zerrix's apprentice I agreed she's not too sexy, boo.