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29 Secret Questions Every Woman Suddenly Starts Asking Herself After Age 29

29 Secret Questions Every Woman Suddenly Starts Asking Herself After Age 29

Was that, like, an overnight thing?

When Im put in a corner and have no choice but to get bat shit crazy. I don't like it and neither will the person who drives me to it.

"You know it's been a good day, when I didn't have to unleash the flying monkeys" -- Difficult be the life of a witch.Wizard of Oz

Funny Pictures Of The Day – 31 Pics

How long after walking into someone's house is it acceptable to ask for their wifi password? so true

How I feel when ppl bitch to me abt not being a priority in my life... Hah!

Funny but not funny.Funny Friendship Ecard: Oh, you expected ME to keep in contact with YOU, but not vice-versa? My bad, I forgot that's how friendship worked.

Confession  This is me every day in my retirement years. But I've" paid my dues" so I can do whatever I want! At least that's how I see it.  qb

Funny Confession Ecard: I'm well on my way to getting absolutely nothing done today. So my Saturdays!


finish that sentence missy.I triple dog DARE YOU!

wine meme - Google Search #WineMemes

wine meme - Google Search #WineMemes

This applies to SO many people I know!

Just calling to remind you that I know you in real life-haha.I know some people like this :)

Girl Scout Cookies @Steve Benson Sullivan Marie

I never buy Girl Scout cookies because I don't carry cash! Now if I find a girl with this I will gain on thin mints

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Scrolling for birth year

Nothing makes me feel old like having to scroll down to find my birth year.