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Paper Cup R2D2 Craft #ArtsAndCrafts #KidsCrafts #Crafts #DIY #OuterSpace #Disney #StarWars

R2D2 Cup

cup and knife and others. My Creative Stirrings: Star Wars Kid Birthday Party- Picture Instructions

Councilman Yoda

Check these old school style Star Wars portraits by illustrator Nick Agin. Inspired by the style of old portraits of American Presidents (see the money in your wallet for reference) they are nicely presented and extremely gentlemenly.


Best Bitches iPhone i do believe something that's getting ordered for thee best friends birrfffday (:

Star Wars Party 2013: Masks

Star Wars Party 2013: Masks

invitation anniv star wars

invitation anniv star wars

Ashoka,Anakin,and basically every Jedi in existence liked this

SpaceBook - Republic selfies

Ashoka,Anakin,and basically every Jedi in existence liked this

MissOrganized Mommy: "Little man" birthday party!

Alright, so I know the whole mustache thing is a bit played out, but I really couldn't resist. Ethan is, after all, our "little man" so it s.

Lol with all the spare crap we have laying around from racing we could probably make some of these lol

interesting new ways to use old car parts.I especially like the car part/wine holder table!

New Wave just is the coolest name for this. And honestly? The art this is based on is one of my favorite, favorite pieces of all time.