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The colors in this spread clearly appeal to Taylor Swift's young female fans, and the contrast with black prevents it from being overwhelmingly bright. The alignment of the top of the pull quote with the top of the body text encourages the reader to move directly from the brighter, more flashy pull quote into the body text. The colors are also distributed very evenly across the page, giving it a cleaner, more polished appearance.

I am not a huge fan of the columns and the type used in the columns at all, but I love the title and picture and how the title is like the headband in the picture. They used the same colors and it makes the title connect with the image.

18699421_708277162630545_3946536135186404081_o.jpg (2048×1117)

18699421_708277162630545_3946536135186404081_o.jpg (2048×1117)

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