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mordor one does not simply walk in lord of the rings on black american apparel t-shirt. via Etsy.

"Helloooo Winry..." by ruinsofxerxes

" by ruinsofxerxes OMG It's like that moment in AtLA where Zuko walks in on Sokka all over again! HAHAHAHA poor Al.

OMG!!!! It made it to Pintrest!!!!! Haha so excited! This is seriously my dorm building, on my floor, and that room you are seeing off to the right in the top picture is my room. Truth. (written by Bethany McKim)

Meanwhile in college…

One does not simply walk into mordor! omg so funny!

Kristen Bell loves sloths. You might even say she's obsessed with them. She told Ellen about what happened when her boyfriend, Dax Shepard, introduced her to one for the first time, and if it's too hard to believe, she brought the footage to prove it.

Sophia grace, some raw talent and only 8 years old. hope this girl sticks with music, cant wait to hear her in a few years!

The Walking Dead - Season 1 - Behind the scenes.

Because my Geekery board NEEDS a picture of Rick Grimes chilling with a horse. The Walking Dead - Season 1 - Behind the scenes.

Lord of the Rings Posters

Middle-earth PSAs

Funny pictures about Middle-Earth PSAs. Oh, and cool pics about Middle-Earth PSAs. Also, Middle-Earth PSAs.

Avengers Like this.

Haha, that's too fun

Avengers - Nick Fury wake up calls. I love Thor and Ironman's. <--- ya but are we gonna ignore the fact that Nick Fury is wearing bunny slippers?

Non-Sherlock-watchers shouldn't read due to the spoiler, but YES YES YES exactly.

Okay, this is wonderfully brilliant! I knew they would reunite eventually! Doctor Watson and Sherlock Holmes, together forever - even in different worlds. OH MY GOD I'M IN TEARS