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Edward Horsford has a clever way to explain energy.   He takes photos of exploding water balloons.

Crimson Tide by Edward Horsford High speed photography of a water balloon at the instant of popping.


A Photographer Threw Water Balloons At Bald Men, The Moments He Captured Will Blow Your Mind!

"Water Wigs" Floods The Internet With Dreamy Bald Beauty -  #art #beauty #photography #water

"Water Wigs" Floods The Internet With Dreamy Bald Beauty

Water Wigs series by Tim Tadder. Each one shows a bald man having a water balloon exploded over his head, creating a haloing ‘wig’.

Water Wigs wow: capturing the impact of these super long balloons was very tricky. "They were so thin, they were really different to handle, and often popped before we got the shot". Source: Supplied

Tim Tadder’s “Water Wigs”- actual photos taken at the point of impact between a water balloon and a mans head- hillarious

Tim Tadder Water Wigs. A behind the scenes look at our Water Wigs project.

BTS: Creating Psychedelic 'Water Wigs' With Tim Tadder

Tim Tadder Water Wigs by Light Gangster. A behind the scenes look at our Water Wigs project.


The Stunning Results of Throwing a Water Balloon at a Bald Man’s Head

Tim Tadder gathered a bunch of awesome bald men and hurled water balloons at their heads capturing the explosion of water at various intervals. He named this project, "Water Wigs.

Tim Tadder: Water Wigs / Pelucas de agua

The photographer Tim Tadder captures people at the very moment of the explosion of water filled baloons. This colored and dynamic pictures series named "Water wigs" give the feeling that men wear real wigs on their head Harbour Tadder