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Music washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life


DIY Art idea: put keys as music notes


Quotes for musicians! (This one by Virgil Thomson) A selection of 25 beautiful and inspiring quotes about music! From Beethoven to BB King, Billy Joel and Jewel


this music quotes when it say LOUDER.I think and I was listen to when I read that

--Stevie Wonder

21 Beautiful Reflections About Music From Legendary Musicians wonder - music is a world within itself/it's a language we all understand

Good to know

no wonder i named this board "my music, my happy!" ~this is great news ~ not to mention all the other benefits shown on other pins.♫♥♪ (love music for music, anyway).

la música es uno de mis mayores cosas que no puedo vivir con hacia fuera. escuchar música veinticuatro siete todo realmente disfruto haciendo

Totally impossible to go a day without music, I wake up to music, I go to bed with music.MUSIC IS MY LIFE! I dance to music, I sing to make music, I play to make music and I do these things a lot so yeah music make up a good part of my life

These are a few of my favorite things... Found this looking for crafts for Emily's b-day party... had to burst out into song... my kids now think I am nuts... LOL :)

Raindrops on Roses; (musical quote from the "Sound of Music" movie.) My favorite song from this movie

Music Can Change The World. ~ Beethoven

Music can change the world - apopofprettydotcom - free printable. I have always believed this phrase. And look who wrote it one of my very favorite composers, Beethoven!

OMG!!!! I just did a great fortepiano!!!!! Ooh!!! And I decrescendo PERFECTLY

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