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Tap into passive solar heating and solar energy

Tap into passive solar heating and solar energy

Straw Bale House Plans California - strawbale home plans california with straw bale house plans california due to Inspiring Home Design

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this is pretty much exactly how we are builing our retirement home in SC. Only it will be a little deeper but all spaced will be completely open to the windows in the front creating bay-like sections in the home for different rooms.

Solar shingles. I really want to go solar. Don't know if I can afford this, but it's too cool of an idea not to save!

Solar Shingles

its an replacement of the solar panels. the solar shingles are like roofing tile made out of solar panels

How To Build A 60 Watt Solar Panel

Build Your Own Solar Panels - How to build a single panel or a complete array of panels to power your home for a fraction of retail cost. Probably easier said than done, but what the heck, let's pin it.

Chalk Hill Cabin by Arkin Tilt Architects -- Description by Arkin Tilt Architects  This 872 s.f. off-grid straw-bale project is a getaway home for a San Francisco couple with two active young boys. This simple, straw-bale volume opens to a south-facing terrace, connecting it to the forest glade, and a more intimate queen bed sized sleeping bay. An open loft above the kitchen provides additional sleeping space for kids and guests.

Chalk Hill Off-Grid Cabin is a straw-bale getaway home for a San Francisco couple and their two active boys, located at feet elevation in the wilds of Nevada County, designed by Arkin Tilt Architects.

Self Sufficient, energy efficient!

Romses architects: harvest green project Vancouver challenges the status quo of how energy and food is produced, delivered and sustained in our city. where energy and food is 'harvested' via proposed micro laneway live-work homes.

How to add a solar hot water system to your house

How to Add a Solar Water Heater Lower energy bills without a major renovation by putting the sun to work heating your home’s water

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Solar chargers by XD Design Window solar charger with one big solar panel. Collecting capacity per solar panel Battery output capacity is (Charger not suitable for tablets).

solar powered wireless speaker

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The Solar Powered Wireless Speaker, would love this for tanning/swimming days in the pool or at the campground!