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Neverland Cling Earrings

Neverland Cling Earrings

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Ninja Cuties Cling Earring – Nerdy But Still Girly

Ninja Cuties Cling Earring

Two piece earring. The head goes on the front and the body goes on the back, giving it an illusion that the head is coming out from your piercing!

Club Evil (Part 1) Cling Earring – Nerdy But Still Girly

Club Evil (Part 1) Cling Earring

Wonderland Cuties – Nerdy But Still Girly

Wonderland Cuties Cling Earrings

Booklight Clothespin

Booklight Clothespin: A new spin on an old classic: the clothespin reimagined as a light. Clip it to anything and enjoy instant illumination. Clip and click!

Element Benders Cling Earrings

Element Benders Cling Earrings