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Unlike the rest of the posers on this list, Iron Maiden has actually acknowledged Lady Gaga’s existence. Bruce Dickinson revealed he was a fan of the pop star after she told CR Fashion Book that she’d rather be compared to Maiden than Madonna. “I think she’s great, and I agree with her,” the frontman told Corus Radio. “She’s not the next Madonna. She’s way better than that.”

Lady Gaga

11 Celebrities Wearing Iron Maiden T-Shirts, Ranked By How Likely It Is That They've Actually Listened To Iron Maiden

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Photo by Horace Bristol, Jr. reprinted with caption in September 2000 National Geographic

Katee Sackoff in the new Riddick movie. She kicked ass and was just profoundly, beautifully real.

The actress reflects on her experience filming Riddick and also touches on Battlestar Galactica. Directed by David Twohy and starring Vin Diesel and Karl Urban, the third installment in The Chronicles of Riddick film series hits theaters September

Terminator 2: Judgment Day, Linda Hamilton | With newly chiseled biceps and a foul mouth, Hamilton — like Sigourney Weaver in the Alien series — turned Sarah Connor into one lethal and…

17 sexy action chicks

Terminator Cameron TSCC 27 by viktor9ov.  I wish there were a new season.   The show was getting google.com when it was cancelled...

Terminator Cameron from TV-show "TERMINATOR: The Sarah Connor Chronicles" fanart. - this artwork was made by russian's author Derek from . Also you can see my version of TERMINATOR E.

Sony WM W800

Neon Talk Sony-WM from 1985 was the only model that featured twin tape decks and hence the ability to copy a cassette without the use of external equipment.

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