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"How to be a good housewife"... seriously??! Now this is funny!

Be a Good Housewife

The 1949 cookbook above — which features 112 pages of recipes all using healthy “digestible” Crisco

16 best cookbooks and recipe cards from readers' vintage collections

Mother Wants You Healthy and Robust!” (by saltycotton) "New Recipes for Good Eating" Crisco, 1948 I want those…right now

Adult 50s Housewife Costume. All men now a days wish that we women were a perfect Stepford Wife lol. Too bad for them, this is reality! lol

Become the perfect wife and mother with this womens housewife costume. The adult retro dress gives you a cute vintage look from the

Even though it may seem as if proper etiquette and manners are not applicable to what is happening in the modern world, I believe if every person was more cognizant of how they came across to one another, and as part of their everyday habits were kinder and more accepting of each other, the world would be better for it. Here is a comprehensive list of all of the articles written on The Glamorous Housewife, which will help you learn all about proper etiquette and manners.

Proper Etiquette For The Modern Woman

Are manners and proper etiquette dead? Here are all of the articles on proper etiquette for the modern woman written on The Glamorous Housewife.