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Keep Calm & Eat Nutella -- this is perfect for my younger daughter...she's a nutella freak!

] if you put a spoonful of nutella and a spoonful of peanut butter in a small bowl then melt it in the microwave then it tastes like a liquid peanut butter cup! It doesn't sound good but it is!

Nutella Stuffed Peanut Butter Cookies. Yum!

Nutella Stuffed Peanut Butter Cookies - Handle the Heat - used my own p-b cookie recipe - Lester said they were delicious!

Nutella Puppy Chow. A different spin on the stuff I usually make. Steve would love this because he loves Nutella.

It's not Christmas without Puppy chow! - Nutella Puppy Chow - basically a Nutella chex mix. Just in case I ever find out if Nutella is free from all other nuts and safe for Ryan to eat.

Nutella Berry Bruschetta | Reluctant Entertainer #Easter #Brunch

This nutella berry bruschetta recipe is perfect for brunch, holiday or a fresh, chocolate snack or dessert! Click through for recipe!

JUST tasted it for the first  time this week!  I DO think it might keep me calm.  :)

9 Ways with Green Tomatoes

~~~if more people lived by this there wouldnt be so much hate in the world! keep-calm-baby-keep-calm

nutella & pretzel cookies - no bake - from Doughmesstic

Sweet & Salty no bake Nutella & Pretzel Cookies - No bake Oatmeal Cookies on crack! A different twist on the classic no bake cookie.

banana nutella pumpkin bread

Banana Nutella Pumpkin Bread {recipe} --Made these in a dark muffin pan baked for 17 minutes. They are yummy but next time (read--tomorrow) I will skip the Nutella as the plain bread is delicious and I'm not a big fan of chocolate.

Because we're all Nutellaholics...  PS. Why don't they sell any of this in the US!? D:

I heard you like NUTELLA...

Funny pictures about I heard you like Nutella. Oh, and cool pics about I heard you like Nutella. Also, I heard you like Nutella.

Nutella Popsicles

nutella and cool whip popsicles. although i think i would just make separate nutella and cool whip popsicles.

nutella filled donuts http://media-cache5.pinterest.com/upload/217932069438256125_kK1PswgU_f.jpg sararaee recipes

bomboloni are basically the Italian version of doughnut holes; rolled in sugar and often filled with a pastry cream, or other delicious filling like jam or chocolate-hence the idea of Nutella filled doughnut holes

Addicted to Nutella

Photo of Can't Live W/Out Nutella?Get A Nutella Injection Today! for fans of Nutella.