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Make a spinning hose guide with rebar & copper pipe

Make a hose guide

DIY Hose Guide - copper pipe spins over rebar as hose goes by. Screw a lamp finial into a wine cork and insert into pipe for flair.Maybe glue a marble on the rebar.

18 Yard Makeovers Before & After

18 Amazing Yard Makeovers

A Beautiful Root Cellar that performs quadruple duty... (1) a Root Cellar, (2) an Arbor for Grapes and Kiwi, (3) A storage facility for a Large Cistern, & (4) a beautiful eating veranda/outdoor kitchen.  I am sure I could add additional functionality if I wanted to.  This could easily be created from just a downward slope, behind a house, within just a few steps from the back door.

Hardworking Hippy’s food storage cave, with pretty surrounds and seating area on top. Interesting idea for above-ground root cellar.

Kitchen garden.

How One Alabama Family Bonded—By Building The Perfect Garden

small family kitchen garden // Great Gardens & Ideas // beautiful home garden with stone raised beds.

~Queen Anne's Lace Cottage~

~Queen Anne's lace~ If it pops up in my garden bed they lend it an ethereal airiness.

Creative play  A Nebraska family with two young boys created a backyard thats fun for both kids and adults. The face on the tree adds a touch of humor; winding paths and a stream appeal to all ages.

35 Beautiful Backyards

Your backyard is your private retreat. Enhance it by adding touches that make it special: a water feature, comfy seating, lovely plant beds, even just a hammock.