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Bad Habits That Can Hurt Your Kids Health - Fashion Inbox

The most effective way to teach your kids healthy habits is not by rewarding or punishing them but by acting in a positive manner so they see you as a model of healthy behavior.

jip, the upside of Down

The Upside of Down Syndrome. (Photo in book 'De Upside van Down' of Eva Snoijink)

Dibawah ini adalah koleksi dari 50 fakta lucu dan aneh yang berkaitan dengan kehidupan sehari hari yang sebaiknya anda ketahui. Jika anda mempunyai fakta unik yang lain, silahkan tambahkan di kolom komentar! Mulai hari anda dengan belajar sesuatu yang mungkin Anda belum ketahui sebelumnya....

Sometimes, there is no getting around it…not every gift you give will have the element of surprise. Plenty of people start unwrapping a present and know exactly what is inside. For some gift givers…

Video: Satanic Ritual Abuse  Very graphic.  Warning triggering.

Using mice, the researchers discovered that traumatic stress alters the amount of what are called “microRNAs” in the blood, brain and sperm. This can lead to misregulation of cellular processes controlled by the microRNAs.

Most Common Fears http://scariestblog.com/wickedpedia/most-common-fears/

Kolkata woman tutor who mercilessly beat up a three-year-old is on the run. Search expanded by police to nab her.

Top world cities with high numbers of homelessness

25 Cities With Extremely High Homeless Populations

The United Nations put the number of homeless at 100 million in Here are 25 cities with extremely high homeless populations.

5 tips to get your child to listen when you try to get their attention!  Some really cool and fun parenting tips here!  I love #5!

5 Ways Get Your Child's Attention Without Yelling!

8 years old child watching tv laying down on a white carpet at home alone Parenting tips for every parent, parenting tips, tips


Descriptive Faces--A Resource for Writers: Facial Expressions--Fear

Laugh and smile more! Discover your true life purpose at www.accoladesnumerology.com  Free fun stuff too

Anticipating A Laugh Reduces Our Stress Hormones, Study Shows


It shall pass

Children in Ou village, Cambodia show their delight while playing with fresh water at a pumping well. Wells such as this assist poorer communities by not only providing clean drinking water but also.