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Video here ---> www.youtube.com/watch?v=7x-CQF… My channel ---> www.youtube.com/channel/UCXhoG… Models:  Budo: Tithey tithey.deviantart.com/ Yandere: nyehnyeh...

You know what I love as much as Ayando ? The Yandere!Budo and Yandere!Senpai/Taro The ultimate I can love

ANIMATION: Yandere Simulator - GAME OVER by XXXxVivixXXX

WARNING: VIOLENCE AND BLOOD I'm not sure if this isn't too brutal tbh but I said I'm going to upload it. another thing I fell in love with: Yandere Simulator.

Wanna kiss? by LovelySwine on DeviantArt

my first fan art for yandere simulator . cant wait for yandere Dev to finish this .

No response(comic) by KOUMI04 on DeviantArt

No response(comic) by on DeviantArt: noooooo! You must be with budo!

I hope you like it! ^_^ I don't know if it's sufficient,if it isn't I resubmit this comic. It's a long time that I want to do this comic with Yandere-chan and Budo Masuta like main couple! Credits:...

Yandere-chan wrote a letter to confess her love to Budo, and Senpai. wrote a letter too, but for Yandere-chan. When he sees Yandere-chan and Budo together. he loses his mind. Other pictures wit.

Yesterday i drawing OsoroAyano everyone has said that budo will be jealous 这时候问题来了,鸠占鹊巢英文怎&#...

Budo classmates always want to steal his girl[no] Riku and Senpai is also Budo's classmate 

Yandere Comic - Ayano's Happy End by DancerQuartz

Ayano sailed away on a boat with Senpai's head and whispers now they can finally be together Yes, Yes is another school days reference )" Yandere Comic - Ayano's Happy End

"MCL. Revenge! by Arashell on DeviantArt" Ich hätte an Kentins Stelle lieber nen Blopfisch geküsst

I forgot to submit this drawing here so This is Lysandre, or Lysander, a character from thiq game ( www. Lysandre and bunny

I ship it (Budo x Ayano) by AbrasiveArts

I've been rotting my brain with other stuff and almost completely forgot about my account :T But during that time, I began to ship Ayano and Budo. I ship it (Budo x Ayano)