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Cake ball wedding cake.  Really!?

swanky::chic::fete: cake balls are the new cupcakes [cake ball cakes]

Cake ball wedding cake By Gingeris on CakeCentral.com

- I totally hijacked this idea from others on here. I think its one of the most creative GENUIS ideas. I am sharing the picture because of the awesome display mostly. These glass blocks are a new favorite for a wedding cake display.

Viva la Cake Balls - Viva la Weddings

Custom Cake Balls for Any Occasion!

Edible creations by Yuki...... Love her work!!

Baird (Rane) Cox -- another cake ball wedding cake to add to your inspiration pictures! "Creative Edibles by Yuki"

swanky::chic::fete: cake balls are the new cupcakes [cake ball cakes]

one cannot have a dessert table without cake balls. i first tried them several years ago when neiman's seems to.

Cake Ball Wedding Cake

Cake Ball Wedding Cake

Wedding cake made from Ding Dongs---yes!

Shoshana Berger and Tony Saxe

Hostess Wedding Cakes - Dangerous for of your wedding guests. Closure of Hostess could mark the end of this fabulous junk food, unless a buyer rescues them.

Wedding cake ball cake by TK Cake Pops

Cake pops for birthday parties, baby showers, weddings, and corporate events.