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I could pin these all day.

Running for President Doesn't understand the basics of the Constitution Rick Santorum

Occupy Democrats

The very fact he was elected by the majority shows it's the minority who is so vocal in their hatred. The other three had their critics too, but this is Ridiculous.

Criminalize conservatism

Truth be told. Greedy gun manufacturers funding the NRA who then funds members of congress.

So no Liberal ever...

Republican stereotyping of liberals (I don't know a SINGLE liberal who thinks that way)

your stupid view @ http://www.jeremyshouseoffunny.com/funny-pictures/funny-stuff-roundup-january-26th/attachment/funny-memes-23/

I tried my best to see things from your point of view, but your point of view is stupid.

Palin pucks up

Palin pucks up